Saturday, October 16, 2010

My real finest hour

I need you 
More than ever 
Well I don't understand it 
I don't think I'll ever comprehend it 
It's so hard to conceive it 
So I guess I'll just believe it 
This will be my finest hour 
This will be my finest hour

Yeah, I didn't read the end of the song yesterday.  I have now.  I'm tired of feeling helpless, like I can't do anything to control my own life. But the thing is, I'm never going to be in control of my life, God is on control of my life. Whether I want him to be or not. And the sooner I learn to grasp that, the sooner I'm going to grow more in my faith.   Real growth, not just temporary growth. The not stuff that's there on good days and just leaves on bad days. The growth that's there everyday. So even on hard days I can remember to grow from it, to have it become my finest hour.

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